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Everything I do in Dutch, I can just as easily do in English. My father is British, and so I was raised with the English language as well as the Dutch.


Let’s be honest. The Dutch are extremely good in English. Especially compared to other European countries. From a young age, they are taught that in order to make yourself understandable abroad, you’d need to be able to speak at least a few words of this beautiful language.


My dad is British and from a young age we’d regularly visit England to see our family. As Dutch isn’t something you’d see on the curriculum in British schools, we’d always communicate with them in English, read books in English and watch all the Disney movies in English.


Living in London was fantastic. I studied Journalism there, went to more concerts, plays and exhibitions than I can remember and loved every minute of it.


My love for the English language grew and grew. I’m therefore delighted that a lot of my clients require me to write and communicate in English. That way we can include the international community and my clients will have the opportunity to reach out to an international audience.


It’s also more efficient, as you don’t have to hire (and wait for) a translator when sending out a press-release or newsletter for example.


The workshops, 1 on 1 sessions and marketing opportunities that I offer are available in English and in Dutch.


Contact me for more information.

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